Agility specializes in office support staff as well as accounting and medical and legal office support for temporary and temp to hire positions. We are also well versed in higher level managerial roles in accounting, marketing, sales, and project management for direct placement. Click here to see a more comprehensive list of the types of roles and industries we are always recruiting for

You can get started here and one of our Account Executives or recruiters will be in touch within hours if not sooner to schedule a time to meet and tour your offices and gather information regarding the opening you are looking to fill including skills, experience and the all important culture fit!

Once we have full job description and information gathered we will search our database as well as begin the recruiting process and begin submitting candidates ASAP, complete with video interviews so you can get a good feel of the “person behind the resume”. Agility will then coordinate all in person interviews and offers and on boarding.

Agility Staffing realizes that, more often than not, our ability to match the “right person to the right job” occurs. In the event your company or any of its subsidiaries, divisions, partners or affiliates is interested in hiring an Agility assigned Employee full-time, please notify your Agility Recruiter. The conversion will be free of charge provided a work-hours minimum is met. A conversion fee will be charged if you would like to convert the employee sooner than the work-hours minimum.

Time savings. By engaging with Agility you can continue to focus on what drives and grows your business while we work hard to find the fit you are looking for. No need to post jobs and sort through stacks of resumes or have your email overflowing with non qualified applicants or scheduling interviews with candidates who look good on paper but are not a culture fit.

We invest the time up front to learn your unique needs and screen and present qualified candidates, complete with a video interview before you commit to scheduling any interviews. We know our clients most precious resource is time and that your most valuable asset are your employees, and it is our mission to find you the top talent to help you continue to grow your business. Also, our temp to hire program allows you to see work product and culture fit before committing to full time employment and our direct placement option comes with a replace or refund guarantee as well. There is nothing to lose by working with Agility, and precious time can be gained.

Agility has an electronic timekeeping solution. Agility employee will complete timesheet on line and submit to worksite supervisor who will need to approve time no later than noon Monday following a pay week. We pay employees weekly and bill clients weekly as well for hours worked each week. Invoices are due upon recipt.

Although our goal is to provide you with “the right person the first time” we realize that not every job is a fit for every person and sometimes that is not clear until the person is working. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we will work with you to coach and/or replace them if needed.

Our temp-to-hire option provides an excellent opportunity for you to work with our field employee(s) during a trial period. This allows you time to determine if they are the right fit for your organization before committing to hiring them permanently. If the first employee is not the right long term fit, we will credit any hours they worked toward replacement for calculating free conversion hours. We also offer direct-hire placement services with a replacement or refund guarantee that varies based on the contract for each client.