Agility saw the potential in me and not only found me 1 but 2 great career opportunities that led to my current position as the Director of Marketing & Business Development. Through thorough interview prep, motivation and testing he knew the right people to get me in the door. I highly recommend Agility if you are searching for your dream job!

Katherine R.

My overall experience with not only Amy Vincent but Agility Staffing as a whole was great! Being newly graduated from college I was very worried about finding a job in the career path I was wanting to go into. If it was not for Amy I would never have found this job. Amy made sure prior to my interview that I had interview tips as well as great background information about the company that I was interviewing for. The do's and don'ts to interviewing were beneficial so I could rehearse on what to say and not to say during my interview. I was given the company address days prior to the interview so I was able to be prepared and not be late.

Ashlli E.

Amy helped me immensely during the recruitment process. She did a great job at prepping me for both my video and in person interview, I knew exactly what to expect which was great. She was spot on with what questions I should be ready to answer and what type of employee the client was looking for. I was also very happy that she kept me in the loop after the interview during their decision making process. I found Amy to be not only professional but very friendly and personable as well. I am now very happily employed with the company for 3+ months and I have her to thank!

Elise L.

Amy found me a great job in the IT field at a medical supply company. She helped me with my resume, my excel knowledge, my typing speed and expanded my knowledge of Word. She advised me on how to dress since she had worked with the company before and knew their expectations. I ended up getting the job after going through two interviews with the company, in which after each one I received a call from Amy letting me know how it went and what they thought of me. When I was offered the position and accepted it Amy met me at the office with Starbucks on my first day! It made starting a new job in a new place and in a new field feel less scary. Absolutely amazing!!!

Nicole P.